Menu proposals

Prices of our menu suggestions apply to 10 or more guests with the same menu.  We would be pleased to advise you about simpler menus for less money.  In case you have a special menu in mind, we must be informed at least four days before our general menu planning discussion so that our chef can research recipes from various sources.


We would be delighted to present a tempting dessert buffet instead of the listed desserts for your family festivity or company event. 





Menu 1


Curried cream of fennel soup with

Diced Norwegian smoked salmon


Crisp-fired chicken leg

with cranberry relish

Warm potato-cucumber salad


Apricot-Gugelhupf parfait

with ginger-chocolate sauce






Menu 2


Clear oxtail consomme

with oxtail ravioli



Whitefish crisp-fried in beer batter

with remoulade sauce

Tomato rice with peas




Finely slivered veal with sautéed mushrooms

and creamy shallot-Cognacc sauce

Buttered Kernser noodles

Seasonal vegetables


Iced curd "Kaiserscharrn"

with raisins, toasted almond flakes

Vanilla sauce and Fellenberg pulm compote




Menu 3


Seasonal leaf salad

with champagne dressing

Roased pumpkin seeds and orange filets


Rustic "Gourmet Plate"

with meatballs, special Swiss meat "loaf",

farmer bratwurst and onion sauce

with mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage


Cherry mini cake

Schwarzwald style




Menu 4


Vegetable antipasti

with seared octopus marinated with orange-pepper olive oil

Giglio blue cheese on tomato crostini

Taggiasca olives


Swiss beef Medaillon

with veal-porcini crust

Red wine sauce

Potato-spinach roulade

Red cauliflower puree


Chocolate terrine of Felchlin Maracaibo Criolait

Couverture coated in cake spindle

with homemade cherry ragout and pistachio ice cream




Menu 5


Muscat pumpkin cream soup

with Bündnerfleisch and roasted pumpkin seeds


Dover sole filet sautéed in an herb crust

Tajarin noodles with truffle cream sauce

and Sakura cress


Glazed shoulder of veal

with Assam "long pepper" braising sauce

Potato-zucchini gratin

Glazed red cabbage


Lemon meringue tart

with a praline ice cream pavé

and strawberry-cassic rum-fruits




Menu 6


Norwegian smoked salmon:

Slice and tartar on beet "carpaccio"

with squid-ink sauce

Fried quail egg and Wasabi mousse


Grilled langoustine on a minted pea puree

Shellfish-Korean lemon (Yuzo) sauce

Crispy Enokitake mushrooms


Pink-sautéed duck breast

Glazed with honey and Szechuan pepper with passion fruit sauce

Thai noodles with coriander

Glazed pak choi with light soy sauce


Asian Pandan Kaya layer cake

with black sesame ice cream

and preserved Percoche peach sections




Menu 7


Duck foie gras terrine

with freshly backed brioche and cherry gelee


Grilled scallops

with shellfish cream sauce

Spinach-Carnaroli risotto

Crisp red beets and broccoli


Supreme of New Zealand John Dory

in herb-crepe

with a saffron foam sauce

Bean-Vegetable cassoulet




Sautéeed beef entreôte

with Béarnaise sauce

Potato of your choice

Provencal Ratatouille


Goat cheese-sour cream sorbet

with truffle honey and fruit bread


Coconut parfait with caramelized pineapple

Green tea sauce

and a chili-sesame cracker


3 courses (without foie gras & cheese) CHF  92.00




Menu 8 vegetarian


Muscat pumpkin cream soup

with toasted pumpkin seeds

and pumpkin seed oil


Crisp-fried spring rolls

with vegatable, sprout and assorted mushroom filling

Steamed Basmati rice

Crisp broccoli in light Asian chili sauce


Apricot-Gugelhupf parfait

with ginger-chocolate sauce




Menu 9 vegetarian


Caprese salad

Buffalo mozzarella

with tomato comfit and 13-year-aged Balsamico


Penne rigate

with truffle cream

Glazed cauliflower

and red beet chips


Cherry mini cake

Schwarzwald style



Menu 10 vegetarian


Avocado-vegetable tartar

with little corn cakes

Mexican lime dressing


Porcini mushroom cream soup

with toasted croutons


Saffron-Carnaroli risotto

with young spinach

Smoked salat shallots


Coconut parfait

with caramelized pineapple

Green tea sauce

and a chili-sesame cracker




Autumn/winter menu 11


Mixed leaf salad

with sautéed oyster mushrooms

and spicy corn-sweet pepper dressing


Beef filet Stroganoff

with sweet peppers, cucumbers and mushrooms

Mixed wild rice with toasted cashews


Almond 'Financier' mini-cake

with preserved apricot ragout

and cheesecake ice cream




Autumn/winter Menu 12


Ratatouille soup

with Zug lake char filet


Smoked special ham

with mustard-beer sauce

Potato-herb puree

and seasonal vegetable


Special Zug cake

with Kirsch




Wild game and venison menu 13

(September - November)


Porcini mushroom cream soup

with wild game meatballs


Field lettuce salad

with chopped egg

Potato dressing

and venison 'ham'


Sautéed venison cutlet

Zug cherry sauce with forest herbs

Glazed chestnut

Egg spätzli

Braised red cabbage


Finely slivered venison

with juniper cream sauce

Cranberry pear on a chestnut puree

Glazed Brussels sprouts

with bacon egg spätzli


Baba au rum

with preserved rum fruits

and almond-caramel ice cream



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