Menu proposals

Prices of our menu suggestions apply to 10 or more guests with the same menu.  We would be pleased to advise you about simpler menus for less money.  In case you have a special menu in mind, we must be informed at least four days before our general menu planning discussion so that our chef can research recipes from various sources.


We would be delighted to present a tempting dessert buffet instead of the listed desserts for your family festivity or company event. 







Spring menu I


Yellow sweet pepper soup

with Argan oil 


French corn-fed chicken breasts

with thyme pan juices


and roasted zucchini


Sweet cider creme

with an apple-buttermilk "salad"



Spring menu II


Spring salad variations

with Balsamic vinegar Dressing

and sweet-sour marinated oyster mushrooms


Sautéed pike-perch filet with

Nilly Prat sauce

Potatoe mousseline

and sautéed spinach


Srawberry tiramisu



Spring menu III


Smoked salmon Tartar

with cucumber Carpaccio

and Lemon sour cream


Duet of Young chicken with

sautöeed breast and braised leg

Oriental Couscous

and sautéeed fennel


Small Variation

of Felchlin Grand Cru chocolate



Spring menu IV


"Ceviche of scallops"


Carnaroli-risotto with green asparagus


Sautéed Irish Beef Entrecote

with Bearnaise Sauce, Rosemary potatoes

and a vegetable "Leipziger" assortment

Glazed seasonal vegetables


 Yoghurt-thyme-Panna Cotta

 with raspberry foam and herb-homey sorbet



Spring menu V


Tuna Carpaccio

with Sashimi Marinade

and green Papaya salad


Beluga lentil Curry with Avocado and Falafel


Pork filet,Pink-sautéed veal filet with olive pan juices

Dried tomato.carnaroli-risotto

and eggplan comfit


Strawberry Gazpach with

Marscapone-pippali (Indian Long pepper) espuma

and strawberry sorbet






Zuger Jazz Night

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Das heutige Mittagsmenü

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